Michael Kiwanuka – I Need Your Company


Looking forward to this cats tour in the United States. He’s got a little Charles Bradley thing going on but a tad softer… Britan’s got soul. 




The Heavy – Short Change Hero

Dumb Ways to Die


Don’t know too much about Summer Heart, but if y’all aren’t hip to the Beach, then you better get?

Within the program.


How’s Your Program?


Live? or let be lived?

That is the question.



It’s been too long here on the JAM.  So I am here to spark the conversation.  Spark the fire.  Spark the musical discovery.  And, above all, ignite the creativity of all JAM heads.

Speak loudly.

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Sound Architectures

David Crowe

David Crowe is beat-boxer who is subset of a duo titled “Heymoonshaker“. The duo, consisting of a blues guitarist (Andy Balcon) and David, are breaking ground touring the UK and have made a name for themselves through the underground music scene in London via street performances.

The two met up in New Zealand in 2009, and have been making magic since. If your not hip, then you must not deprive your imagination of this act.

I’m sure some of ya’ll have seen this vid.  But if not, we got it fresh. BTW it is a MUST see until the very end – harmonica is the realness.

That’s the JAM.


LoundHoundMovement, You Need to Get Hip

Being a fan of all things creative,  and without having any creative intuition whatsoever,  makes these type of  finds that much more worthy of JAM material.  My dear friend Catherine Coury (co-founder of LoudHound) told me she had founded a dance company.  Needless to say I found myself intrigued and had to scope the project for myself.

LoudHound, founded earlier this year, is a collective designed to enhance and promote artistic integrity through investigative movement research, idea exchange, and public performance.  No I did not create this overview, I stole it from their website.   From what Catherine has told me and from that type of mission, you cannot deny the inevitable fact that LoudHound will blow up.

I am not going to sit here and critique a start-up  nor am I going to sit here and say I have any credibility when it comes to art, dance, and the dance industry as a whole.  I will say, however, that I am a huge fan of Catherine’s and a huge fan of LoudHound from what I have seen thus far.  Scope their promotional vid and their website to get the real deal on the movement.

Founders – Catherine Coury, Brendan Duggan, Mallory Rosenthal,


That’s from the farm, isn’t that Fresh?


JAM of the Week

So this track came through on my Spotify Radio this weekend and I just had to share it with the realm. First and foremost, Little Dragon straight brings the sultry vocals that you cannot ignore here. Second, DJ Shadow is one of my all time favorite electronic artists – so that helps. Combine the two, throw in Calyx & Teebee, (not a shred of insight into who these two are) and you have yourself a mellow, yet glitchy masterpiece.

That’s the JAM. Enjoy


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