North End Awaits

So some of the Pag fam is coming for the weekend – my Pop, step mom Diane, Uncle Vince and Aunt Lisa.  The only thing I can honestly see us doing is venturing down to the North End (little Italy) for seafood, cigars, a little espresso and perhaps a post dinner cannoli.  This excites me for two reasons.  One being I love the North End.  I cannot get enough of the embedded culture, smells, and tastes of it. Second, I love the food, I love the old guys sitting on the corner of a restaurant smoking cigars and speaking a dialect of Italian I do not understand, but its ok.  I love passing by an old shop where there is obviously some numbers running going on.  Everything about the North End enthralls me.

The Daily Catch is my favorite spot.  Great 5 seeter with the kitchen right smack dab in your face.  They even serve your food to right on the pan it was cooked on.  Fancy glasses? Hello NO.  This joint serves up an array of fine Italian wine and Beers in plastic cups.  B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L  (Neptune Oyster is a close second)

Website —->

Stanza Di Cigari will definitely be  the next stop (at least for the guys).  A local cigar shop hidden underneath a coffee bar is where you will find dark lighting, sophisticated yet casual seating, and a candle lit interior.  YEYE

So I am clearly looking forward to this weekend.  Then two of the PAGjams are coming out to the Bean as well for another weekend of I have no Idea?  @PAGVAN @aapaglino

Thanks for tuning In.



3 thoughts on “North End Awaits

  1. Love the blog! I will be a faithful follower. Can’t wait to come to the Bean (as u call it)! Already know that I will be kicked out of the family if I order “salad” all weekend. I will have to step up my game and dig into oysters and pasta. BUT, I have to say , I’ll skip the cigars! Love ya

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