I’m “All In” on Adidas global strategy

Adidas global marketing campaign “All In” has been captivating  me since its launch this past March.  I know it is not a new campaign, nor has it been the talk of the media world, but I find myself enthralled with its message and the way Sid Lee (the Quebec agency behind the campaign) has portrayed Adidas athletes and their passion for commitment and whatever it takes to achieve glory.

The campaign showcases Adidas’ distinctive presence across and into different sports, cultures and lifestyles fusing the worlds of sport, music and fashion. Captured in their natural, authentic surroundings, brand ambassadors from football stars Lionel Messi and David Beckham to NBA star Derrick Rose and pop icon Katy Perry to the Adidas skateboarding team and many more show that when you love your game, whatever the game, you put your all into it.

I have a close resignation with this idea of commitment and passion.  I can closely associate with the overall branding message that Sid Lee is portraying for Adidas.  I too live my life with this mentality and type of enthusiasm not only for sports, but for my current work at an ad agency.  I feel that whenever I met with an obstacle or a road block I can dig deep and discover another level in which I can achieve, conquer and accomplish.

In closing I want to say that Adidas has nailed it on the head.  They have shown that they are committed to achieving brand awareness at multiple levels, not just sports.

“ALL IN”—–> check the 2 minute spot here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCRihtIZZdM



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