Mediocre Wednesdays

Wednesday is back, and you know what that means.  Yes, a casual reminder of how average your life really is.  If Monday is that sweaty girl you see on the elevator every morning with the same, stained blouse on, and Friday is that friend-of-a-friend with a trust fund that spends his days partying on yachts, then you are Wednesday: you are in the middle of everything, with an OK job with OK hours and OK pay.  Things haven’t been too shitty recently, but they haven’t been legendary either, and just like last week, PagJAM is here to honor you and the mediocrity that is most of America.  And to be honest, I was hoping there was going to be a bit more padding between this post and the last MedWed (yes, I just thought of that very average nickname), so thanks to Dutch for that retarded story about nothing, but hopefully down the road we will have a bit more content for you.  I digress…

This week, we bring you the guy on the side of the road holding the sign for the special offer:

You’ve seen these guys, or girls that look guys, holding the sign in front of the pizza place or (in this instance) the auto repair shop for that amazingly awesome special deal.  Sometimes they look like they’re about to fall asleep, sometimes they’re doing cartwheels and throwing the signs 100 feet into the air like a baton twirler, and sometimes they stare at you blankly when you deliberately pull over to take their picture (cough, cough).  Their job actually borders on depressing and wouldn’t be mediocre if it weren’t for the fact that they get paid a relatively large amount for not doing shit.  Depending on the store it could be like $10 an hour, and when you take into account the fact that they get to stand in the sun all day, not deal with any retarded customers in the store, hear their boss yell at them, or frankly do anything at all, it’s a pretty sweet deal for high school kid that wants nothing else than to get his parents off his back by getting a summer job and getting stoned before actually going to said job.  But ultimately, they are standing on the road for thousands of people to drive by them and make judgement, which tips the scale between depressing and awesome, right to mediocre.




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