Sharing is Key

I’ve recently been introduced to the wonderful worlds of Spotify and Google+.  Now Working at an all Digital Ad Agency I am inclined to be intruiged and ever so curious about these new products.  I just recently have signed up to be a user of both these new tools and I must say that I am blown away by the ever changing and ever evolving digital landscape.  The world we now live in is so interconnected via the web and the idea of sharing information and content is what drives society as we know it.  The internet and these new digital products are changing the world we live in so rapidly and so dramatically it is hard to keep up.  It is very difficult to sometimes comprehend what we are actually doing and if what we are doing really has any significance online.  But it does!!

I like to consider the idea of these products as a way to level the playing field.  If you have access to the internet – you have access to the entire world within seconds.  This is a powerful concept and notion that I cannot get out of my head. This is now the driving force behind every new digital music service, search engine, social media platform, and and beyond.  At the core of all these wonderful digital phenomenon’s is “sharing”.

Within Spotify – you are now allowed to communicate and connect with your friends via Facebook.  This allows you to SHARE music, steam artists, songs, and even see what playlist your friends are listening too.  Spotify is  is a Swedish DRM-based music streaming service offering streaming of selected music from a range of major and independent record labels, including Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group, and Universal.  PANDORA ON CRACK!~~

Google+ is the new social network introduced by Google – that I am sure everyone has about by now.  No real description required except that I feel the “circles” concept is absolutely genius.  Allowing someone to SHARE information with a particular group of friends is how the real world works, and how you are programmed to operate online.  I absolutley hate how everyone one of my hundreds of friends on Facebook can see exactly what I am doing on the internet (that is why I have deleted some 400 people from my friends list in the past 4 months).  I still have much to learn about Google+ and so does Google itself, but I am a believer in the tool and all its capabilities thus far.

Get with the hype, get with the movement and continue SHARING!



What do you think of this JAM?

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