Tickets have been purchased to 2 out of 4 main events for the fall run when I return back to Boston.

First ticket purchased is a night out with Pretty Lights and Big Gigantic (opener) at the Bank of America Pavilion on Friday September 23rd.  This will be my 4 excursion with Pretty Lights out into party rocking heaven in what should be an exciting night.  Catching Big Gigantic for the first time will also be a beautiful way to get the evening going.  Playing at the Bank of America Pavilion provides a fitting venue which can hold thousands along the Atlantic Ocean in South Boston.

Description of PL via Jambase—->”At a time when music lovers from almost all subcultures and genres are finding common ground in the basic form of bangin’ beats, Pretty Lights is giving the people what they want; electro organic cutting-edge party rocking beats that fill venues with energy and emotion and send dance floors into frenzies”

Second Ticket purchased is a night out with STS9 at the HOB Boston on Thursday October 20th.  This show will  mark my 8th journey with the band live since my first show fourth of July weekend 2008, which started many things.  Love the band, love the music, and love the atmosphere.  Highly recommended if you like live improvisational electronic funk, with styles melded in jazz and hip hop jams.

Description via Jambase—>Since forming in Atlanta over a decade ago, instrumental electronic rock band STS9 continues to be at the forefront of the electronic music scene. Recently ranked #25 on Pollstar’s list of top grossing touring acts for summer 2010, STS9 sold an average of over 4,200 tickets per city and boasted opening acts such as Ghostland Observatory, Thievery Corporation and Big Boi (Outkast). The tour culminated with two sold out nights at the infamous Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado with nearly 18,000 tickets sold.

Consideration – Lotus at the Paradise Rock Club, EOTO at Royale.

Groove On.

@Steve Buchenwald


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