Sicilian American takes on a whole new meaning

My sister and brother in law (Steve Belin) are in the process of gaining documentation so that they can apply forl citizenship in Italy.

This marks beginning of the journey and the discovery of our ancestry for the Paglino family.

From Danielle Paglino/Belin

“Steve has been doing hours and hours of research. I can’t wait to show you all the stuff he has found!!! Paglino side from Alcomo, Sicily and Manzo side from Monte San Giuliano, Sicily. Our great grandparents were engaged when they came over to the states. They had cousins (I think) here in Detroit.

It’s crazy how much they have online. The problem is sometimes the translation is wrong. Either they didn’t understand when the person spoke or whoever translates the documents can’t read what is written clearly and they make a guess. Steve is a genius and has figured a lot of stuff out.

We are in the process of getting about 25-30 documents – marriage licenses, death certificates, birth certificates, etc. We have to get some from MI and some from Italy. We then have to pay for someone to translate the documents. There are a lot of steps involved and depending on how long it takes to get the documents it could be a year from now. Whatever the case is, we will have to go to Chicago where the Italian consoulet is to interview with them. Steve and I have to be married for three years before he can become a citizen from me but Jackson and the new baby will have dual citizenship right away – as soon as I have it.

It definitely isn’t cheap but the good thing is that once we have all of these documents, I think whoever else in the family wants to get citizenship it will be easy for them – especially you since we have the same parents. You would still have to get some legal documents but not as many as we have to get now and all of the research will be done.”



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