Ad-JAM of The Week – Heineken “The Entrance”

Starting this week on pagJAM we are going to be profiling an exceptional television ad that showcases a quality JAM.  This week’s profile is the commercial that Heineken launched last fall, “The Entrance”, which is part of their recent global marketing campaign.  The JAM showcased by Heineken is properly titled “The Golden Age” by The Astroids Galaxy Tour.

The commercial’s hero, created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, demonstrates his legendary-ness by making the ultimate party entrance. “The Entrance” sees the introduction of Heineken’s new universal tag line ‘Open Your World’, conveying the brand’s worldly, open-minded and confident personality.

“The Asteroids Galaxy Tour are a soulful psychedelic pop band based in Copenhagen/ Denmark. Formed in the summer of 2007 by Mette Lindberg (Vocal) and Lars Iversen(Bass) the band released their debut album ‘Fruit’ in September 2009 through their own label Small Giants Records and BMG Rights. The album was written, recorded and produced in Lars’ small home studio and received great critical acclaim.” via

Thats the JAM. Turn it UP!!! —->



What do you think of this JAM?

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