Lotus and Pretty Lights Ready To Rock Boston at Weeks End

It has been a slow day here at the beautiful PAGjam worldwide headquarters located at inner-space studios so I have decided to update the local JAM community of Boston on some upcoming shows in the area.

First, Lotus will be rocking this Thursday night at the infamous Paradise Rock Club located on Commonwealth Avenue in Allston, MA.  I am 50/50 at this point of the week on my decision to catch the band for my 5th time.  I must say, though, Lotus defiantly does not disappoint.  They bring a party rocking vibe to a small venue that will definitely be electric and full of energy.  The dark, cramped, overcrowded space at the Dise’ is a perfect venue to catch such an electric JAM experience.  I give the evening a 8 our of 10 on the JAM scale.  ENJOY!!

PL (Pretty Lights) will be bringing his party rocking beats to the Bank this Friday night in a highly anticipated show that will be sure to bring thousands of screaming, raging, and heavily induced Bostonian’s to the Bank of America Pavilion.  I am definitely going to entertain myself with this one.  About 4th row from the stage type entertainment in what should be a fantastic evening with friends and strangers alike.   This will be my 4 journey in to PL land, but my first here in this wonderful town.  The BofA Pavilion is one of my favorites venue, although sets end definitively early, it is a perfect setting alongside the beautiful Boston Harbor.  I hope for good weather.   9.5/10.

Supporting the Boston JAM.  That’s the JAM.  Crank it loud to the appropriate level.

@michaeljoseph @Boston


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