Game-ified Dating to your SmartPhone

TechCrunch Article

Meexo is like Pandora for dating combined with social gaming. When you join, you get currency. Each message you send uses this currency. You only get X amount of currency so you have to be selective on who you send messages out to at first. Currency is then racked up by sending out messages/receiving messages and the more currency you earn the more features you unlock. This new unlocking feature allows for sponsorship opportunities. It also makes sense for higher end brands to target consumers based on higher HHI zip codes since you have to reveal your zip code when you sign up. Basically anything you use to get ready for a date or to seduce the opposite sex would be relevant. Clothes, perfume, a hip sushi bar, shoes etc. In addition to the features mentioned, you’re also able to opt in and out of connecting with other social media services. The one thing they found out through interviews is that users didn’t want people they knew, knowing they were on a social dating site. Probably the best integrated feature is using calendars to set up dates and sending message directly through the app. This keeps the user on the app allowing for the the advertising to be seen. A partnership with OpenTable or even LiveNation makes a lot of sense, allowing for users to make date reservations on the go!

I think this is extremely relevant with social gaming being such a hot topic right now. Online dating + mobile games = A match made in heaven. Who knows, it could be fun. What they really need to do is integrate simple games like Battleship or Connect Four into the platform so you can play with your partner.

What do you think of this JAM?

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