Sims on Facebook

Mashable Article

Sims on Facebook is Worlds Fastest Growing Social Game

Sims Social is the worlds fastest growing social game of all time. Why is it different then the regular Sims game? Well, the Sims you interact with on Facebook are your actual Facebook Friends. The Sims incorporated Dunkin Donuts products into the game play for the debut but the possibilities are endless for companies. Facebook knows who is playing and where they live which allows for direct targeting. There is not question that social gaming on a platform like Facebook has the potential to turn into something like SecondLife. The question is if a company like Electronic Arts will ever make the move. With 4.6 Million people playing it daily your ads are sure to be seen, and seen in a unique new way. Think of it as product placement in movies. Imagine this, you have a leaking toilet on the Sims game and an add pops up for RotoRooter. Or your dog needs to go for a walk and an ad pops up for Zoombak GPS Dog Locators.  How can you go wrong with that?! If The Sims were to ever turn into a game like SecondLife our every move and conversation would be tracked creating a scary virtual world where users are targeted by a precognitive game plot. Aldous Huxley would be proud.



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