Ad – JAM of the Week: DUCK TRON!!

Mass tape producer Duck debuted its viral hit a few weeks ago, in which the :37 second spot  pays homage to the 1982 hit “TRON”.  This has been a very hot viral for the past few weeks, as seen originally on Digital, with 815,000 views total within its first week of viewing.  The Duck Tron video visually displays rolls of Duck tape simulating the light cycle scene from the film.   Who would of thought an everyday useful necessity such as Duck Tape could seem sooooo retro actively cool?!?!

Crack it! Spin it! Turn up the JAM! ——-> That’s your creative Jam of the week.

P.S. That guy at the end of the JAM  freaks my brainwaves out. (Jay Maynard a.k.a “Tron Guy”)



One thought on “Ad – JAM of the Week: DUCK TRON!!

  1. Great advertisement definitely gets the viewers attention even though it is an ad for something that has been used for several years. Funny thing is “Tron Guy” was a contestant on America’s Got Talent. Lets just say that voters really didn’t buy in to his act. That’s good advertising though and hey “Tron Guy” made it, just not the original way that he thought he would. Keep up the posts good stuff.

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