Oktoberfest in September in Omaha

What did Germany give to the world beside the Christmas Tree, sauerkraut, and the Third Reich?  Beer of course!  Granted they didn’t invent it, nor did the Reinheitsgebot allow for the country to do much in terms of innovation, but when it comes to consumption per capita, and general stereotypes of the nation, Germany is to beer as Brazil is to soccer.  Thanks to movies like Beerfest and your friend’s pictures of his backpacking trip across Europe, most Americans know what Oktoberfest is, or at least have a general clue.  As far as I am concerned, it is just an excuse to get blatto and eat lots of heart attack inducing foods, and consequently an awesome celebration.  In that light, this past weekend, local haunt The Crescent Moon Ale House, or simply “The Moon” as it is affectionately known, held their annual Oktoberfest celebration.  The Moon is a casual quaffery with a fabulous selection of diverse brews, and this weekend they showcased their knowledge of traditional German suds and grub with a 2 night outdoor celebration, complete with German band, big breasted bartenders in scanty tracht, and people having a great enough time to almost make you forget you were in Omaha.  If I hadn’t drank as much as I did I might be able to provide a figure on how many different German beers were showcased, or describe the hearty menu offerings, but for the most part all I have is a couple pictures from my phone and a souvenir 1/2 liter mug that makes a great CLANK when sharing “prost” with a fellow drinking mate.

The grainy pictures are below.  I’ve been meaning to buy a proper camera to highlight my adventures in the heartland, but until then these will have to do.  And yes, the last picture is of an obese man dancing with no shirt on…beer.



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