Coco Eats and Critiques

The Coco Eats and Critiques

Today on PAGjam I am going to showcase a blog that is orchestrated by a dear friend who I have had the pleasure of knowing for almost 4 years now – Coco Knudson.  A recent graduate of Emerson college, now full-time employee @Yelp, and a fellow blogger who is ever so passionate about good eats – obviously has a solid enough of a resume to be showcased on the JAM.  Her Blog “Coco Eats and Critiques” is a never ending, in depth, savvy exploration in to the Boston Town underground food scene, and in turn comes highly recommended from us JAMS.

If you enjoy the wonderful world of grub, restaurants, dives, and speaks, then check her out and what she throws online.  Her blog takes it’s readers down many avenues, highlighting food tours, restaurants, menu’s, chef’s and everything in-between.  Showcasing her foodie expertise is what I intend to do and I hope I don’t disappoint. Get enlightened my friends.

That’s the Jam, follow a foodie, don’t burn it


@michaeljoseph @Boston


What do you think of this JAM?

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