Made In China

Remember when seeing “Made in China” on something made you question its quality?  Perhaps this still evokes some sort of suspicion, like when you recently purchased a Happy Meal from McDonalds or a new glass vase from the Hobby Lobby and found the gold oval with black writing proudly claiming its Oriental origins (I don’t care if Oriental is or isn’t PC, it sounded nice with the alliteration).  But should this really be such a dubious heritage?  Do shitty conditions and lower wages really result in an inferior product?  If you’re buying an Italian silk tie or a German steel knife and you discover this gold sticker hidden somewhere, then yes, something is wrong.  But for most things we purchase, a Made in America seal may not represent the best quality.

Now before I catch flack for being a Communist, I will honestly state that I buy American whenever and wherever I can…I try to support the economy and my neighbors because I think it’s the right thing to do.  But that being said, I know my neighbors, like the rest of this country, are mostly a bunch of idiots.  The Chinese on the other hand, and this is going to fly in the face of stereotyping a bit, are wicked smart.  Every Chinese kid in my high school was like 3 levels up in mathematics, and every one in college was an engineer.  I know my classmates weren’t the ones building my Matchbox cars from McDonalds, but the ones overseas that are building these toys, and these lamps from Target and these blenders from Sears, share the same genes as my classmates, they share the same blood.  Ergo they’re all smart as shit.  And isn’t China taking over the world?  Hasn’t America been unseated as the global powerhouse?  I’m not going to cite any facts here, like GDP or Welfare or IQ levels or anything, because this is an opinion post not a research paper, but based on popular media coverage the Chinese are kicking our asses.  It hurts me to say it, but something Made in China is probably the best bet.




What do you think of this JAM?

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