Artificial Intelligence

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Apple’s Iphone event is scheduled to take place today. I don’t know where. But the hype surrounding this event is great, as usual. The hype is going to be surrounding the release of Apple’s Iphone 5, the hardware, and the software that comes with it.

The software, specifically, includes some sort of artificial intelligence originally developed by Siri, now owned by Apple, called “Assistant.”

They software app originally helped users with their daily tasks with voice commands. Using natural language voice commands the software can find a restaurant for you, it has the ability to find movie tickets, find a taxi, and now perform Google searches. The current version of the software, being released today, is going to change the game for sure. Apple wants to disrupt the current way of doing business and revolutionize the way we interact with our phones. Yet again.

Being an Iphone owner I am extremely excited about the release of these new products from Apple, yet I am also disgruntled over the fact my contract doesn’t expire for like a year and a half. So I am still going to be stuck with the Iphone 4 – a now obsolete, and dated piece of Apple technology that will soon be forgotten like the Iphone 3.

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