Mediocre Wednesdays

It’s Wednesday, and oh boy is it just like every other one.  I’m taking a half day on Friday so today actually didn’t look too bad in the grand scheme of the week…almost felt like Thursday.  It would have felt like a much better day had I not been nursing a headache from last night’s Smashing Pumpkins concert, which definitely knocked a few good years of hearing off of my life.   And so Wednesday, not allowing itself to be outdone by any other day of the week, somehow managed to balance out my excitement with my agony and create a very mediocre mood.  Classic Wednesday.

I want to backtrack before I discuss the MedWed, because The Pumpkins fucking killed it last night.  Billy Corgan’s bald head gleamed like a beacon of rock and roll hope, and his agonizing voice shipped me right back to the 90’s in a nostalgic fit.  The 470 person capacity club, called The Slowdown, was a perfectly intimate setting to see such a legendary band, and the only parts of me that didn’t enjoy it were my eardrums, which suffered irreparable damage from the 800 feet tall sub woofers surrounding me like hyenas surround their kill.  Despite this minor detail, I just wanted to tip my hat to them for such a great show…but alas, it was Tuesday.  Wednesday couldn’t have provided such a show.

The MedWed this week is the opening band.  Not just from last night, but every opening band ever.  Boom, prototypical mediocrity.  You’re at a concert to see your favorite band, but some ass hole came up with the idea of making you sit through even bigger ass holes trying to make it big before the real reason you dropped 50 bucks for a ticket.  Granted every band has to start somewhere, and your favorite band was opening for someone before they hit it big, but you probably didn’t see them when they were openers.  No, you saw someone like these weirdos, the Fancy Space People, who opened up for the Pumpkins last night.  It was like if Ziggy Stardust and Little Nicky had a baby, and that baby started doing crystal meth, and then cloned itself, and then had sex with its clone, then this band would be born.  I was so stunned at their presence, but for some odd reason I’m glad I saw them and I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s for the same reason people watch gross (yes, that link is a gross video) stuff online, or maybe it’s because they gave me a good topic for MedWed.  But either way, I’m glad I saw them, and I pray to our Lord and Savior I never see them again.  Maybe that’s mediocrity, the combination of terrible and amazing.  Maybe that’s why every opening band ever is so damned mediocre, because you almost enjoy how much they suck.




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