Welcome To The Majors Mr. Hobbs – Classic

As we always do here on the JAM and will always do forever – we intend to bring quality content to arouse the senses.  Well starting today we are going to be blogging a “Friday Classic” to take you readers into the weekend.  This is not intended to showcase movies that we are trying to review as a movie critic would.  It is intended, though, to put a smile on one’s face and to take you readers into the weekend with a JAM like quote to throw at your friends over a nice cold one.

Our first classic comes from the legendary movie “The Natural.”  Roy Hobbs is a middle aged rookie who comes out of nowhere to lead his ball club back to glory. This is a classic scene where Hobbs gets his first at bat in the majors.

 Slow motion entrance, the rain beginning to fall, and emotional donwn tempo music, which for sure, sets the tone for a JAM.

“Welcome to the majors Mr. Hobbs” 1:30 mark. (notice the catchers eye’s – absolute movie gold)

That’s the JAM.  Keep your eye on the ball folks.



What do you think of this JAM?

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