Facebook – For The Better of Mankind

I’ll be honest. Im an advocate of Facebook. Zuckdawg started it in February of 2004, opened the platform to the Ivy’s and shortly after came the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I signed up roughly around late May making me roughly one of the first 50,000-100,000 people on Facebook. Zuckdawg was my first friend. I remember sitting on the deck of Pantana Bob’s and there being serious buzz about this thing called Facebook, so naturally, I went home and signed up and started friend requesting anyone that looked remotely familiar. Not surprisingly, none of my football or lacrosse teammates were on it, but there sure were a ton of sorority girls. It was at that point that I realized that this could get messy, especially for those guys that had a Monday and a Wednesday. Still, if it weren’t for those sorority girls buying into it in early 2004, Facebook wouldn’t be what it is today.

There is no shortage of bad press regarding Facebooks privacy controls or pictures saying “Zuckdawg is selling out by selling users information!” Might I remind you that this information is available to EVERYONE!? My recommendation to you is don’t hate, rather, update your facebook likes and preferences so that advertisers can target you appropriately. There isn’t a company out there that wants to sell you a product that will break in a week or make your life suck. Facebook puts the user first and the advertiser second, remember that. Their number #1 goal is interconnecting the world, so stop being selfish and think about the bigger picture. Start interacting with brands you like, you might be surprised with what you may find or learn.

One of my greatest experiences with Facebook was when I used their advertising platform. I threw this party with some friends and we called it the Halos N Horns Music Festival. It was ridiculous how finite I could target people for this bash ‘n a half. If you were between the ages of 15-30 there was a good chance you saw my ad that summer of ’09 leading up to the concert. Heres what I targeted: Any and all University students and graduates of San Fran, San Diego, LA, and Orange County. Facebook was even kind enough to tell me all the musicians you like which allowed me to build the line up more effectively. Furthermore, it told me about bands that were similar to the ones you liked, so I was able to target those individuals as well. In the end, it was fun to see who was clicking on what and it opened up my eyes to the world of digital marketing. There is no event more social than a music festival and in terms of advertising for events of this nature, there is no better choice than Facebook.

I briefly want to touch on the “study” of Facebook users who hit the “dislike” button for Facebook Timeline. Imagine you’re 10 years old and your parents just allowed you to have a Facebook account, (wait, is that too young?) You get on there and start liking all this stuff and talking to your friends about different topics, you make about 2,000 friends over the years, have a family, take vacations etc. Now fast forward and that person is now 77 years old… What does the face of that person look like when they are sharing their timeline with their grandchild? I hope you get the picture. Invest in the timeline and you’ll be happy you did, just be patient.

Will Facebook be around 80 years from now?



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