Siri – End of Life as We Know It

Last week Apple launched its first TV ad unveiling the re-vamped, re-furbished, highly anticipated technological masterpiece – Siri.  Siri, simply put, is a kick ass voice automated assistant offered on the new Iphone 4s.  This little baby does it all.  I mean there really is no explanation needed – just watch the AD.

Some food for thought – Like are humans eventually not going to have to do shit when it comes to daily tasks.  Like what happened to the days of judging wind, longitude/latitude,reading maps, dialing rotary phones, and using paper money?  What happened to the days when you had to be somewhere when you told someone. Without texting, hey-telling etc .  Or you actually had to go into the bank to do banking things.  ( I actually do not remember any of these things considering I am 23 and live in the digital age) but now everything  is digital bliss.  I’m not complaining, considering I work for a Digital Ad Agency, love Google, and sometimes find myself on the internet for hours on end.  I’m just saying that we have life easy compared to generations past.  I don’t even want to know what my kids are gonna get thrown there way.  (We even have robots fighting wars for us) dude.

That’s the Digital Jam.  Don’t get lost in cyberspace.



2 thoughts on “Siri – End of Life as We Know It

  1. Yes, we have things “easier” in terms of convenience, but it also speeds everything up. When you don’t have to go to the bank to do your banking or have the Weather Channel on to check the weather, you stop allowing time for such things. You do more and are EXPECTED to do more based on your ability to be mobile and still connected. We may “have life easy” in one respect, but what about things such as jobs? “Generations past” had job security the like of which doesn’t exist today, and while looking for jobs all over the country can be done with amazing speed, that means you’re competing with a much bigger talent pool than ever before, for any job. And in your job itself you must do more because technology facilitates your processes. Documents can be shot back and forth or thrown in Dropbox or on Google Docs and edited by everyone without anyone leaving their desk – amazingly efficient, but if you compare workloads to a previous generation, I think you’d find quite a disparity.

    I agree with you in some respects, but I don’t think this is as simply positive of an issue as you’ve made it out to be.

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