This little guy is Honda’s most recent version of Asimo, a ridiculously human-like robot that was originally introduced back in 2000.  TechCrunch released this story yesterday and stated that Asimo’s improved “intelligence” makes it possible for the robot to track a conversation between different people, recognizing the faces and voices of everyone involved.

Honda says this version shown below is operating at a fighting weight of 48kg, and can walk/hop at a pace of about 9km/hr.  Honda has also stated that this little guy can hop in circular motions, kick a soccer ball, and even poor a cup of juice.

All I have to say to Honda is WOW.  I really know nothing about robotics, nor do I really want to, but this thing is absolute  show.  As I mentioned a couple weeks ago in my “Siri” post, us humans are spoiled and are lazier than my  old Alaskan roommate.  This thing is going to replace us one day.  One day us humans and robots will be one,  not separate entities in life, but one combined lazy, know-all, and do-all life form.

I can’t believe how fluid and smooth this Asimo is.  He looks like he belongs on the moon, but is an absolute technological  masterpiece.

Check the video’s below and tell me Asimo isn’t insanely human like.

That’s the Tech JAM. Go do my laundry Asimo.



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