Mediocre Wednesdays

It’s not Wednesday….wait, is it?  Go back to bed, you stoner.  No it’s not Wednesday today, it’s Thursday, and while today is typically not that mediocre, it will have to serve as the platform for my MedWed, because I’ve been busier than a (insert racist metaphor) lately and haven’t had much time to think about, let alone write, a post.  But I did have time to go to the record store yesterday and get some fresh new wax for my record player, including two of my favorite albums of all time:  Abbey Road by The Beatles and Donuts by J Dilla – both are straight fire.  I literally went right home, put Abbey Road on, and made some dinner to the A Side.  Then I ate that dinner during the B Side.  BOOM, life in Nebraska.  After eating I got the itis, put on Donuts (for desert!  perfect pun there) and just lied in front of the speakers letting my stomach and brain digest.  I listened to the whole album without doing anything else…who does that anymore?  I feel like people used to do that shit all the time back in the day, mostly because they didn’t have the internet to occupy their time with, but maybe they just appreciated albums more than we do now.  I mean if I hear a song I like I can go online and illegally download buy the specific song and disregard the whole album…but I digress.  This event made me realize how far superior the sound quality of records are to anything digital.  People hear this all the time, and some perhaps brush it off as a placebo, while others may just not care, but my first hand experience tells me that it is true.  What else could have made me just lie there and listen to the entire album front to back (besides the fact that I live in Nebraska)?  But MP3’s are not all that shitty because they don’t take up any space, they’re super portable, and they theoretically last forever…so what else is new?  The bad and the good weight out to average, blah, lukewarm, mediocre.


“MMM, mudbutt”




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