Pag-JAM of the Week

This week’s Pag-JAM of the week, “We Must Go On”, comes courtesy of Mr. Derek Vincent Smith, aka Pretty Lights.  PL’s newest single has a style comparable to his early tracks from his album Taking Up Your Precious Time.  The track, released last week, is his latest quality JAM since his release of “You Know the Truth” this past summer.

The video, created by his girlfriend Krystle Blackburn, is a nice work of art as well.   She and Vincent traveled together in 2011 and captured as much footage as their schedules permitted.  Locations include Detroit, Warsaw, Olso, NYC, Vancouver, Prague, New Orleans, Auckland, Sydney, and Denver.

I have had the pleasure of catching Pretty Lights a handful of times and must say he never disappoints.  He has blown up in recent years, and with good reason.  His live shows are electric and leave many fans craving more.

JAM of the week courtesy of Pagvan.  Great find brotha.

That’s the JAM.  We must go on….and on.



What do you think of this JAM?

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