AdJAM – Top 20

This week’s Ad-JAM of the week is the top 20 most shared ads via YouTube for the month of January.  The Ad above is number 3 on Mashable’s list. It is from a small bookstore in Toronto who took organization to the next level with this stop animation video. The husband and wife who created the video and owned the store were inspired after a project. (Shares – 248,000)

Today Mashable released this and is one of my favorite reports of the month – “YouTube’s 20 Most-Shared Ads In January“.    Being a Digital Media enthusiast I am inclined to be aware of such news and I always am very excited when talks about Digital Advertising surface.  YouTube has changed our generation (along with every other social network – yes, YouTube is a social network).  The concept of sharing viral videos has spawned a new way of thinking for Ad agencies, marketers, and creative’s alike.  The Digital revolution is upon us and it isn’t going anywhere, therefore marketers now realize the power of such social networks and tailor their campaign strategies around them. (view @Digitas work for the best – bias recommendation)

I’m done with the lecture; check the list for some cool viral videos that surfaced to the top this past month.  And read Mashable for all your social, digital, media banter and news.

That’s the JAM.  Stay ahead of the curve.



What do you think of this JAM?

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