Super Bowl 2012

Here on the JAM we love a good advert.  We are media driven individuals and have an advertising background in all of our lives.  So looking back on yesterday’s game we want to showcase the top commercials from what was a limited, and flat sample set.  Although there was a small number of solid ads to choose from, we wanted to show you JAMheads which one’s made the cut. Enjoy:

Budweiser celebrates the end of prohibition with music from “The Natural”. Budweiser – Return of the King

Phone innovation meets phone buying innovation from Best Buy.

Etrade showcases their new ad with a dad planning for his new born’s financial future. Baby Game Day.

Doritos – Bird of Prey, which did not air during the super bowl because it did not get enough votes.

That’s the JAM. Eli crushes Brady.



What do you think of this JAM?

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