Sorrows of Gin

Here on the JAM we are dedicating to bringing our readers the freshest quality content from around the World Wide Web.  Like most of my friends who are on the internet, you probably came across our site through sitting on Facebook melting your lame ass away staring at a girls picture you haven’t seen in 5 years and daydreaming how what it would be like to get with her.  Well I say get off the book and get on the JAM.  Like I have always done, and will always do, I pledge to bring only the most unique, freshest, newest, and quality content to my readers so they don’t have to search around the web aimlessly.  And I have outdone myself again.

Today I bring you The Sorrows of Gin.  The GIN is a picture based blog via Tumblr that showcases the “IT”.  The “IT” is anything classic America.  It is anything hip to the American way.  It is anything that the creators of the blog see fit to showcase from around the web, kind of like how we do here on the JAM.  I mean this shit is the JAM – only style, swag, and culture most of us are oblivious too, so hopefully you can dig.

“As our culture continues its decline, we celebrate the decadence of women, cocktails and classic American style” via The Sorrows of Gin.

Here are some examples:

That’s the JAM.  God bless America.



What do you think of this JAM?

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