Chopt Salad and Mixt Greens

Chopt Salad and Mixt Greens are two franchise concepts that specialize in ruffage. Healthy indeed. According to Chopt’s website there looks to be 7 locations in NY and 8 in Washington DC. Mixt has 6 locations in California (2 in LA and 5 in San Fran.) I’ve seen other concepts like it (The Big Salad) and I can already tell by looking at the websites and comparing the 3 that Big Salad is in last place. I’m glad there are finally healthy alternatives out there and these are 2 concepts that have the potential to have an even broader appeal. One of the stand out differences is the variety of dressings that Chopt offers. They even have a “SPA” dressings that are low in calories etc. Not surprisingly, they’ve yet to catch on in the deep dish mecca of Chicago for reasons I can’t explain, but I hope to see some of them popping up soon.


Mixt Salad

Here at the JAM we don’t discriminate on topics and what better way to start your week then to have a crispy salad after that pizza and beer you housed this weekend.

If you have tried both I’d love to hear your opinions on what makes one better then the other!



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