Atlas Road Crew

Here on the JAM we are always hip to the new, the fresh, and the unique.  Today is no different as I have been informed of a local gem via Columbia, South Carolina.  My friend and fellow JAM head, Samuel Brigham, is pumping these guy’s tires likes there’s no tomorrow.  And for good reason.  These clowns are all local home grown USC boys who have been selling out Columbia’s local music venue’s at an incredible rate.  Atlas Road Crew, or ARC, are solid because they are some young bloods bringing back that old school classic rock feel with a little grunge and jam elements to boot.  They have been hyped up in the local media and have toured the Southeast in cities such as Charleston, Greenville, Clemson and many more.  Apparently they have even had a producer from Warner Brothers at their last show this past week and wants them to sauce up a nice instrumental track for some new hip hop artist recently signed with the record label.

The band  is comprised of..

Dave Beddingfield – Lead Guitar

Bryce James – Keyboards, Backup Vocals

Max Becker – Bass Guitar

Patrick Drohan – Percussion

Taylor Nicholson – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

My boy Samuel Brigham is the roommate of the band members so exclusive coverage, and news will be seen here on the JAM first.  Make sure to give these guys a listen on their site.  Then you can come thank the JAM once you see them opening for the likes of RHCP.

That’s the JAM.  Rock and Roll.



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