Generative Art

Creators, artists, thinkers, philosophers, and programmers trying to recreate the essence of life in Digital form.  Regardless if you think this shit is cool or not, you have to respect the way of thinking and how they use data to create art.  The guy taking the casualty stream of the Iraq war to create music is beyond me and something that is totally outside the box.  Scott Draves is the guy who is really thinking outside the box.  This guy is taking data to create and migrate a network of users to render animations.  Totally radical.  “Soul in the 1’s and 0’s”….What??

Being a Digital analyst I am very intrigued by how these guy’s use data to create ways that I did not know existed.  The last guy who created a fantasy land (Will Wright)  is obviously not a social butterfly.  Just saying.

That’s the Digital JAM.  Data overload.



What do you think of this JAM?

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