Happy Presidents

Today is the day of Presidents.  The day of leadership, honor, trust, and hope for a nation that is built on freedom and all that other stuff.  Presidents day is a day that goes very much unnoticed to the normal American.  I have the day off work and school – other than that I will not recognize the holiday except for here on the JAM.  So in order to celebrate my day off I have given you readers the past Presidents of our nation that given our nation no hope, trust, honor, and/or leadership.  Haha.  It’s a list of shame in my eyes.  Pretty much the insignificant.

1. Richard Nixon

I wasn’t alive in the 70’s so I can’t tell you first hand, but this guy is almost synonymous with lying, cheating, and scandal.  Watergate.

 2. William Henry Harrison 

William was president for all of 30 days.  Good Job.

3.  John Tyler 

He was a stalwart defender of slavery who abandoned his party’s platform once he was president.

4. James Buchanan 

I don’t know what he did.  Does anyone?  I mean just look at this guy.

5. Bill Clinton

Oh Monica! Oh Bill!

That’s the JAM.  Hope you enjoyed the History lesson.



What do you think of this JAM?

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