Ancient Aliens

There is an interesting site that identifies UFO’s and beings unlike those that inhabit our planet illustrated in ancient art. Whether you believe in this or not is up to you, but I thought it was appropriate considering the increase in recent sightings. Actually, the sightings have always been occurring I think, but now that most of us have mobile phones with camera’s built in, interconnectedness of technology etc, then we should see a lot more of these unidentified flying objects. I’ve heard Youtube scours postings of these sorts of things and automatically removes them thanks to governmental regulations. Anyway, I’ve only skimmed the surface on this subject but it doesn’t take much to actually begin to think there could be something out there. I’ve also read that “they” are making more appearances because the more it’s ingrained in our minds that they are part of our existence, then the less hostile we’ll be when we actually make contact.

There’s still a lot humans need to learn, and as we evolve and become more intelligent beings, the more we search for the answers to our existence. Once we realize that we are all here for the same purpose; to learn from one another, experience, contribute to society for the betterment of the human race, and evolve as human beings then the better off we will all be. It doesn’t matter what you look like. Choose your destiny and make the most of what you have. Sadly, I’m not getting my hopes up for alien contact anytime soon. The human race is still quite strange and primitive, just look over there at your neighbor with the gnomes and pink flamingos on their lawn.

Here’s the sight.

“Explore Your World”



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