Nike Basketball – Masaryk Gym

What happens when one of the best brands in the world takes an abandoned gym on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and turns it into an exclusive, invite-only basketball facility?


You get Nike Basketball @ Masaryk Gym, opening last month and featuring a regulation sized court, state of the art training equipment, a brand new locker room, and a 24-hour members’ concierge service…available on an invite-only basis to select pros, notable NYC ballers, and the fortunate ones with a connect.  If you were lucky enough to have received an invite, which you weren’t, through a password-protected website or dedicated phone line, you can make an appointment up to 2 weeks in advance to reserve the gym and have a personal training session with Nike trainers or run a game with 19 of your homies.  And all you need to do is wear your Nikes (no other kicks aloud), while they provide the uniforms, balls, and anything else you’d need.  They’ve also opened up the court to others in the community, like high school teams and youth organizations, and in April the Club effectively shuts down when Nike hands the court back over to the Masaryk Towers, the low-income highrises that the gym is nestled below, for its tenants to use.


In New York, when the temperature drops, the hunger rises. Those who are on a mission to elevate their game will tell you their journey begins right now. The only way to dominate the summer is to grind through the winter. Because here, the summer may be when legends are born – but now is when they’re built.”  #MakeItCount




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