Tyler Espinosa DeLos Monteros

What else needs to be said after you read name like that. Actually a lot. Many followers of the JAM may already know who my Boston friend and fellow JAM head is and what he brings to the table so I did a little write up on Tyler . A while back showcased his local talents at a bar near historic Fenway Park. Some 6 months later Tyler has some larger than life news and artistry ready to explode onto the Boston and Cali scene. Tyler will be releasing 3 songs via ITunes and Spotify by weeks end and I am here on the JAM to hype that shit up and exploit his talents any way possible.

The story of Tyler’s rise to master guitar player will be profiled here on the JAM for months to come as we are going to conquer Boston and beyond. I am writing this post today to get the word out like a California wild fire. He needs our support and love so he can take his talents to the next level. Look for the JAM to find updates, show dates, new songs, and all other media related to Tyler for months, and even years to come.

I want to be the first to congratulate Tyler on his early success and wish him nothing but the best. Let’s blow this kid up, because quite frankly, he is talented and he deserves it.

Give him a follow on Twitter – @Tylermonteros and a like on his FB fan page that will be up soon. But be gentle.  Mr Monteros is new to the social game and he is working his way to becoming an engaging member of the social media community.  Make sure you stay tuned to the JAM this week for his release dates as you will not be able to find it anywhere else. Next week we will profile his tunes and I will be doing a biographical piece on him that will be sure to ignite the following that he so desperately deserves son.

That’s the JAM. Stay tuned.



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