Tyler Monteros Debut Single “Goodbye to You”

So today marks a day that all of us have eagerly been waiting for.  It’s official – my boy Tyler Monteros’ new single, “Goodbye to You”, drops today on iTunes and Spotify. This is a monumental day for the Diamond Bar, CA native and it should be for all the JAM followers as well.

Since making his move east from California Tyler has been focusing on school, evolving his music career, and is now poised for great early success.  A guitar player at his core, Tyler’s musical intuition has enabled him to become a unique artist with talents that are just beginning to take shape. The dream of creating his own music has now become a realization and Tyler’s story is unfolding 3,000 miles away from where it all began.

Tyler Monteros hails from Diamond Bar, California and has called Boston his home for the past 5 years. A senior at Wentworth Institute, Tyler was originally recruited to play junior hockey in Boston and eventually accepted an athletic scholarship to play in college. Although Tyler’s focus has been on athletics in recent years, music has always been on his mind and has inspired him to now focus all of his energy in that arena.  This will be a new chapter in Tyler’s life as his hockey career is now over.  He has been playing guitar for many years and now can say that his hard work has payed off in a style that is unique and undeniably fresh and JAM worthy.

Tyler’s music is a reflection of his laid back Californian style fused with a rawness that reflects his current city life in Boston. He credits most of what he has accomplished thus far to his father, Chris, and says that he is also his biggest fan and critic. His father inspired Tyler to pursue music and got him into the game at a young age when he bought Tyler his first guitar and drum set at the tender age of 9.

Tyler has recently been in the studio and is now ready to release his first single “Goodbye to You”, which drops today. His hard work and passion for perfection will be evident in his first single and in his other jams to be released in the weeks to come. “This has been a dream come true, I have worked too hard to get where I am at and have put a lot of my heart and soul into this project,” says Tyler, “I hope everyone can enjoy my single and that it shows people a side of me that I have been waiting to expose.”

He is excited for this opportunity and is ready to take his talents to the next level. So stay tuned all you JAM heads, as two more songs will be dropping very soon!! We also have a video that will be released exclusively on the JAM, introducing you all to the artist himself. So keep it groovy and crank up the volume to its max.

Make sure to stay connected with Tyler throughout his humble beginnings as his Journey will be documented thoroughly on Twitter, his Facebook fan page, and here on the JAM.

That’s the JAM. This is just the beginning.


-Follow me as I document this rare talent and as he begins an epic journey that should not be taken lightly.  @PagJAM, @paglinom


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