Beware of Mr. Baker

I was just recently informed of this documentary film by a fellow in S.C. by the name of Samuel Page.  He has close relations with the creator of the film and he told me via Skype that this was a must see.  I believe him after seeing this trailer.  What an absolute nut job, but at the same time, could be a musical and cultural genius.  I mean the guy was the lead drummer of Cream and had very close musical ties to Clapton.  Nuff said.

Born in South East London the same week the Nazis began bombing, Ginger Baker’s first memory was running after a train that carried his father off to death in WWII. From his music to his life, at the expense of family and fortune, Ginger would never be left behind on the tracks again.


Released at SXSW.

That’s the JAM.



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