The Color Run. Really?

I get the idea of Tough Mudder, it looks fun

and even more so the Nike+ Human Race in 2008

How about “Run With the Cops Not From Them” on Bell Isle in Detroit or even a little Bay to Breakers in San Francisco. (Sadly it was canceled this year because it was getting a little too out of control) Okay, Bay to Breakers is mostly just a party, there are people that do run it in the morning though.

But really, the Color Run?

Honestly, who want’s to run and inhale colored chalk into their mouths? Non toxic or not, this is a major fail. The only thing colored chalk should be used for is this…

Holi from Variable on Vimeo.

Sorry Lia, let me know how it goes and maybe I’ll run it next year! Love ya!



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