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Have a Funky Friday you JAM heads.



Jason Silva Speaks at Ted – Philosophical Espresso

Jason Silva on Ted.

Via Imaginary.


JAM of the Week

Just because Tony Pags is deep in that big apple doesn’t mean I cannot spread his freshness all over the realm.

This week’s JAM comes courtesy of TV Girl via Tony’s Turntable FM playlist. TV Girl is a little known lo-fi indie outfit hailing from Los Angeles, CA. Mix and mash, remix, and jazz up the originals. That’s fresh.

Song – Benny and the Jets.



As I was saying: (5 months ago)……

We JAM.  We curate.  We collaborate…..
Obviously we wouldn’t be hole up for too long…..


“Hold On”

-Alabama Shakes


ps – Brittany?….True

No tip for the taxi man

The Beautiful World in Time Lapse


Aaron Kinnane

Aaron Kinnane is a vibrant expressionistic artist born in 1977 who creates art usually based on one subject with a series of mysterious interconnected works of art.  I found this guy floating around via the CoolHunter and really dig his work.  Below is just a picture of him and a couple recent prints he has worked on.  Click on the link at the bottom for access to his site, info, and gallery.

Site: Aaron Kinnane

That’s the JAM.  Clean yourself off.



So Wordle.net just summed up my life in a nice little creative way.  I’ve used this site for work before capturing social media conversations to sum up a brands image on one page.   I’m pumping their tires because I really dig this site.  Trust.



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